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Focus on “Lean Meat Powder”

Zhang Gaiping,Wang Xuannian,Xiao Xiao.The Poisoning Actions of "Lean Meat Powder" and Its Rapid Detection Technique with Test Paper[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2011,28(5):1-6.[Abstract][PDF(37)]

Lu Ping,Zhang Yanhai,Wang Yudong,Xiao Xiao,Qu Zhina,Zhao Sijun,Zheng Zengren.Practical and Effective Enhancement of Animal Derived Product Safety Level by Means of Solid Foundation, Scientific Supervision and Combined Efforts[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2011,28(5):7-9.[Abstract][PDF(49)]

Zhang Guiying.Exploration of Hazard and Control of "Lean-Meat Powder"[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2011,28(5):10-11.[Abstract][PDF(38)]

Wang Jicai,Wang Youming.View the Animal Health Supervision Undertakings from "the Lean-Meat-Powder Fed Pigs" Events[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2011,28(5):12-13.[Abstract][PDF(39)]


Liu Yong.Proposals on the Setting of Punishment in Animal Epidemic Prevention in Amendment of 《Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China》[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2011,28(5):14-15.[Abstract][PDF(47)]

Li Xiaodong.Discussions on Some Problems in Administrative Law-Enforcement in Animal Husbandry Field[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2011,28(5):16-17.[Abstract][PDF(45)]

Ji Jianchang,Zhang Xiaochun.Views on the New Version of 《Animal Quarantine Certification》[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2011,28(5):18-20.[Abstract][PDF(42)]

Zoning & Compartmentalization

Liu Jun,Jin Peng,Dong Haiyan.Talks on the Movement Control of Susceptable Animals in Specified Animal Disease- Free Regions[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2011,28(5):21-23.[Abstract][PDF(38)]


Fang Hang,Tian Renming.Analysis of Problems in Major Animal Disease Prevention and Control[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2011,28(5):23-25.[Abstract][PDF(38)]

Liu Changbo,Zhao Shuangquan,Zhai Haijing.Present Status and Counter-Measures in Animal Quarantine in Place of Origin in Jiuquan City, Gansu Province[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2011,28(5):26-29.[Abstract][PDF(39)]

Li Changhong.An Investigation of Pig Slaughter Quarantine in the Appointed Abtoirs in Haixi Zhou, Qinghai Province[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2011,28(5):30-32.[Abstract][PDF(41)]

Zhang Wenlong,He Xiaoyun,Jiao Lanfen,Zhang Hongyun,Rong Lu.Analysis on the Regional Animal Husbandry Development Trend, Viewing from the Application of Animal Quarantine Certificates[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2011,28(5):32-35.[Abstract][PDF(40)]

Animal Product Safety

Li Cuihua,Chen Mengyue,Zhao Enke.Problems and the Improvement Proposals in Fresh Meat Safety Quarantine and Inspection in Weishan County, Yunnan Provinae[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2011,28(5):36-37.[Abstract][PDF(46)]

Ma Ruizhen.Talks on Control of Banned Harm and Hazard Materials in Animal Products in Tianshui City, Gansu Province[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2011,28(5):38-38,86.[Abstract][PDF(42)]

Li Fuqin.Exploration of Animal Product Quality and Safely in Qinghai Province[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2011,28(5):39-40.[Abstract][PDF(40)]

Experiment & Research

Guo Guangjun,Lv Sufang,Shen Zhiqiang,Ding Zhuang,Zhang Songlin,Xiao Yueqiang,Bi Yanli,Wei Feng.Establishment of a Differential Diagnosis Based on US District Deletions of Pseudorabies Virus Vaccine Strains and Field Strains[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2011,28(5):41-44.[Abstract][PDF(42)]

Wang Fuhou,Zhang Jinlong,Liu Genxin,Zhang Jin,Feng jinrui,Lou Zhibo,Yao Xinghai,Li Juan,Huo Guicheng.Detection of Salmonella.Spp by Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP) Method[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2011,28(5):44-46.[Abstract][PDF(39)]

Zhao Wei,Ma Ya,Zhao Yuran,Yang Dawei,Liang Chengzhu,Liu Hong,He Junqiang,Shi Xiujie,Yue Zhiqin.Establishment and Application of Denaturing High-performance Liquid Chromatography for White Spot Syndrome Virus[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2011,28(5):47-50.[Abstract][PDF(43)]

Xiao Changshang,Ling Hongli,Chao Hongchao,Ma Fengyan,Wang Lei,Zeng Qunping.Studies on the Virulence and Immunogenicity of Different Mild NDV Strains[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2011,28(5):50-52.[Abstract][PDF(45)]

Liu Lirong,Chang Kai,Wu Juan,Shan Hu.Studies on biological characteristics of Streptococcus suis serotype Ⅱ[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2011,28(5):53-55.[Abstract][PDF(44)]

Animal Welfare

Wang Zongyuan.The Presant Status and Opportunities in Animal Welfare Development[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2011,28(5):56-57.[Abstract][PDF(39)]


Ye Chengyu,Wang Geping,Lu Yan,Cai Qigang,Niu Xiaoying,Li Xiaohui,Ma Liqing.Seroepidemiological Detection of Babesia equi and Babesia caballi Infections in Qinghai Province[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2011,28(5):58-60.[Abstract][PDF(43)]

Han Qingan,Zhai Gang,Li Tianyan,Ru Guolin,Dong Weiya,Zhang Deliang,Wei Jingping,Xuan Qiuyan.Investigation of Latent Infection with Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus in Hebei Province between 2007 and 2010[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2011,28(5):61-63.[Abstract][PDF(46)]

Ge Qinglian,Tang Mengjun,Zhang Xiaoyan,Pu Junhua,Gao Yushi,Wu Min.The Study of Microorganisms Changes of Eggs Stored in Summer[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2011,28(5):64-66.[Abstract][PDF(45)]

Ren Yulan,Yu Houjun,Jiang Wensheng,Luo Zhiqiang,Yuan Chao,Zheng Chaofeng,Tuo Jiandong.Immune Effect Observation and Analysis on FMD, HC and Highly Pathogenic PRRS Vaccination in Different Points at the Same Time in Pigs[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2011,28(5):67-71.[Abstract][PDF(45)]

Li Mei,Zhao Quanxing,Guo Lin,Ma jianping,Wang Gang,Liu Xinxi,Diao Youxiang.Exploration on Vaccination Intervals of Avian Influenza (H9) Vaccine[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2011,28(5):72-73.[Abstract][PDF(36)]


Zhang Ran.Diagnosis and Control of Infectious Canine Hepatitis[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2011,28(5):74-75.[Abstract][PDF(36)]

Song Dehua,Wu Lijun,Yang Jingkun,Xie Xiaofeng,Zhang Ziqun.Diagnosis and Treatment of Colibacillosis in Calves[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2011,28(5):75-76.[Abstract][PDF(38)]

Wang Xiuyun,Wang Huaizhong,Jia Hongmei.Diagnosis of a Case with Infectious Bronchertis[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2011,28(5):77-78.[Abstract][PDF(39)]

Hou Guangyu,Shang Yanming,Chen Jie.Diagnosis and Treatment of a Case Mixedly Infected with Viral Hepatitis and Aspergillus flavus[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2011,28(5):79-80.[Abstract][PDF(45)]


Liu Dehao,Li Guobiao,Zheng Jing,Han Zhe,Wang Lei,Huang Wei.Exploration on the Application of Quarantine (Detection) Dogs[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2011,28(5):80-82.[Abstract][PDF(36)]


Zhu Yongmei,Zhu Laihua,Zheng Xiaolong,Wang Gongpu,Wang Yan.Research Progress of Nonstructural Proteins of Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2011,28(5):83-86.[Abstract][PDF(42)]

Chen Guokai,Huang Caimei,Pang Musheng,Li Chunling,Zang Yingan.Advances in the Research of Hemophilus Parasuis-Related Toxic Factors[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2011,28(5):87-89.[Abstract][PDF(39)]

Disease Information

.Global Major Animal Disease Information Between Mar and Apr.2011[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2011,28(5):90-90.[Abstract][PDF(43)]


.[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2011,28(5):91-91.[Abstract][PDF(39)]

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