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Zou Min1,Yang Xubing1,Zheng Hui1,Wang Hong1,Li Lumei1,Sun Jian1,Wang Fujun1,Wu Faxing2,Fang Gencheng1.Epidemiological Survey of Pseudorabies in Some Areas in China from 2012 to 2013[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2015,32(4):1-5.[Abstract][PDF()]

.Investigation of Brucellosis Risk Factors in Daban District,Urumqi[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2015,32(4):6-8.[Abstract][PDF()]

.A Baseline Survey on Brucellosis in Sheep in Ningxia[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2015,32(4):9-13.[Abstract][PDF()]

.Detection and Analysis of a Very Virulent Marek’s Disease Virus Strain[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2015,32(4):14-17.[Abstract][PDF()]


.Difference Analysis on Staphylococcus arueus Contamination Secreting Different Enterotoxin in Raw Milk[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2015,32(4):18-21.[Abstract][PDF()]

.Isolation and Identification of blaNDM-1-Negative Providencia rettgeri from Pigs[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2015,32(4):22-25.[Abstract][PDF()]


.Investigation and Analysis of Post-mortem Pig Lymph Lesions[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2015,32(4):26-27.[Abstract][PDF()]

.Inspection Methods of the PSE Meat,Water-Injected Meat and Gel-Injected Meat[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2015,32(4):28-31.[Abstract][PDF()]

.The New Model of Animal Production-Place Quarantine in Fusui,Guangxi[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2015,32(4):32-35.[Abstract][PDF()]


.Introduction of Veterinary Management System in Taiwan[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2015,32(4):36-38.[Abstract][PDF()]

.Research of Animal Health Supervision in UK[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2015,32(4):39-41.[Abstract][PDF()]

.Establishment of Biosafety Control Systems for International Equestrian Competition Venues[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2015,32(4):42-43.[Abstract][PDF()]

.Practice of Veterinary Drug Classification Management in Liuhe District of Nanjing City[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2015,32(4):44-45.[Abstract][PDF()]


.Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification and Its Application in Animal Disease Diagnosis[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2015,32(4):46-50.[Abstract][PDF()]

.Recent Amendments and Amending Tendency to the OIE Terrestrial Animal Disease List[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2015,32(4):51-52.[Abstract][PDF()]

.Bee Disease Risk Analysis for Importation of Bee Products[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2015,32(4):53-56.[Abstract][PDF()]


.Comparison of 4 Serological Assays for Detection of Bovine and Ovine Brucellosis[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2015,32(4):57-59.[Abstract][PDF()]

.A Comparison of HI Test for Detection of HPAIV Antibody in Ducks with Chicken and Duck Red Blood Cells as Indicators[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2015,32(4):60-62.[Abstract][PDF()]

.Development of a Liquid Chip Assay for the Detection of Infectious Haematopoietic Necrosis Virus(IHNV)[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2015,32(4):63-67.[Abstract][PDF()]

.Development of a Multiplex Fluorescent RT-PCR for Detection of 4 Swine Viruses[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2015,32(4):68-71.[Abstract][PDF()]

.Development of Test Strips for Rapid Detection of Nitrites in Food[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2015,32(4):72-74.[Abstract][PDF()]

.Establishment of Nucleic Acid Assays for Rapid Detection of Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis Virus[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2015,32(4):75-78.[Abstract][PDF()]

.The Establishment of Liquid Chip Technique for Detection of Camplobacter jejuni[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2015,32(4):79-83.[Abstract][PDF()]


.Rational Division of Responsibilities of Animal Health Supervision Organizations at Province,Prefecture and County Levels[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2015,32(4):84-87.[Abstract][PDF()]

.[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2015,32(4):88-88.[Abstract][PDF()]


.[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2015,32(4):89-90.[Abstract][PDF()]


.[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2015,32(4):91-94.[Abstract][PDF()]

.[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2015,32(4):95-95.[Abstract][PDF()]

.[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2015,32(4):96-96.[Abstract][PDF()]

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