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Tan Qinghui,Cao Yan,Xiong Deyou.An Outbreak Investigation of Brucellosis in Hunan Province[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2016,33(9):1-4.[Abstract][PDF()]

Shao Yunlong.Epidemiological Survey of Brucellosis in Cattle and Sheep Scaled Farms in Weihai City of Shandong Province[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2016,33(9):5-7.[Abstract][PDF()]

Li Jingning,Wang Xiaoliang,Li Zhixin,Zhang Heping,Li ping,Yan Xiaoqin.Survey on Risk Factors of Brucellosis Infection of Village-level Animal Epidemic Prevention Staff in a County of Ningxia[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2016,33(9):8-10,46.[Abstract][PDF()]

Zhou Haining,Wang Jinxiang,Zhang Wen,Wang Yumei,Yan Xiaoqin,Li Ping,Wang Xiaoliang.An Epidemiological Survey on Livestock Hydatid Disease in Ningxia in 2015[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2016,33(9):11-13,80.[Abstract][PDF()]

Yuan Ligang,Qi Yayin,Li Jing,Pu Jingwei,Li Yan.Diagnosis on Eperythrozoonosis of Tianshan Yaks in Xinjiang Autonomous Region[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2016,33(9):14-15,43.[Abstract][PDF()]

Chen Jianshan,Shen Dujuan,Yu Yeping,Wang Jundong,Ma Haili.The Seroepidemiology Survey and Analysis on Bluetongue of Cattle and Sheep in Shanxi Province[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2016,33(9):16-19.[Abstract][PDF()]

Tan Qidong,Zhang Xiaoxuan,Cong Wei,Yin Mingyang,Qin Siyuan,Yang Yanchuan,Xu Qianming,Zhou Donghui.Seroepidemiological Survey and Risk Factors Analysis of Babesia bigemina Infection in Dairy Cattle in Northwest China[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2016,33(9):20-22,62.[Abstract][PDF()]

Ning kun,Shen Liping,Wang Xiaoxu,Xu Feng,Zhang Weiyi.Isolation,Identification and Antimicrobial Susceptibility Test to Escherichia coli of Animal Origin in Shanghai City[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2016,33(9):23-26.[Abstract][PDF()]

Jiang Wenming,Li Jinping,Hou Guangyu,Peng Cheng,Liu Shuo,Wang Suchun,Zhang Yuxin,Chen Jiming.Analysis on Antigenic Variation of H5 Subtype Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Virus[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2016,33(9):27-32.[Abstract][PDF()]

Guo Guangli,Zhang Yunxiang,Wang Liping,Zhang Kang,Zhang Li,Wang Hongwei,Yu Jianmin,Li Jinping,Gong Zhenhua.Cross-sectional Study on Marek's Disease of Broilers in Some Large Intensive Poultry Farms[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2016,33(9):33-35.[Abstract][PDF()]

Wang Likun,Gao Junfeng,Cui Yuchao,Yang Shuping.The Detection of Freshwater Fish Metacercaria in the Foraging Habitat of Red Crowned Crane in Zhalong Nature Reserve of Heilongjiang Province[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2016,33(9):36-37,40.[Abstract][PDF()]

Zheng Hui, Liu Shuang, Dong Yaqin, Zou Min, Yang Xubing, Sun Jian, Fan Chenggen, Li Xiaocheng.A Serological Investigation of Porcine Pseudo-rabies in Parts of China in 2015[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2016,33(9):38-40.[Abstract][PDF()]


She Daliang,Yang Kaishan,Zhang Huifang,Li Kaisheng.The Practice of Disease Control in Combination with Inspection and Quarantine in Jinchuan District of Gansu Province[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2016,33(9):41-43.[Abstract][PDF()]

Guo Fuwen,Yang Yingying,Chang Kai.Analysis Based on Real Practice of Supervision towards the Entry of Companion Animals at Shijing Port[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2016,33(9):44-46.[Abstract][PDF()]

Zhang Guangquan.Opinion on the Disinfection of Animal Transporting Vehicles[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2016,33(9):47-48.[Abstract][PDF()]

Jiang Yulin,Chen Xinzhong.Import Risk Analysis of Turtle Eggs Imported from Taiwan[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2016,33(9):49-57.[Abstract][PDF()]


Li Jinshan.Investigation on a Case of Selling Lamb Milk Replacer without Production License[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2016,33(9):58-60.[Abstract][PDF()]

Cao Jin,Zhao Chunlin.Analysis on a Case of Failing to Fulfill Obligations of Compulsory Vaccination[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2016,33(9):61-62.[Abstract][PDF()]

Zhao Jingshi.Investigation on a Case of Water-injected Pigs[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2016,33(9):63-65.[Abstract][PDF()]

Hu Fengjiao,Zhao Zhendong.Some Experiences and Views on Investigating a Counterfeited Feed Case[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2016,33(9):66-67.[Abstract][PDF()]


Gao Xianming,Yang Huisuo,Li Huaili,Zhang Ronglian,Ji Yuchuan.Some Reflections and Suggestions on the Implementation of the Plan for the Eradication of EIA[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2016,33(9):68-69.[Abstract][PDF()]

Wang Suhua,Wan Jiaqun,Xiao Fei,Wu Shuying.Evaluation of Laws and Regulations on the Inspection and Quarantine of the Entry of Non-food Animal Products[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2016,33(9):70-73,77.[Abstract][PDF()]

Sun Yanqin,Yan Ruoqian,Wu Zhiming,Zhao Xueli,Guo Yupei,Cao Weiwei.Research on the Construction of Bio-safety Disposal System of Dead Animals in Henan Province[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2016,33(9):74-77.[Abstract][PDF()]


Wu Yawen,Wang Xiaoliang,Zhang Yuling,Wang Yumei,Li Zhihong,Zhang xuejun.Applications of IFN-γ ELISA for Epidemiological Survey of Bovine Tuberculosis[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2016,33(9):78-80.[Abstract][PDF()]

Zhang Xiquan,Rao Hong,Han Yue.Using the Quality Control Chart to Monitor the Impact Causing by Different Experimental Conditions for Detecting Brucellosis by Tube Agglutination[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2016,33(9):81-84.[Abstract][PDF()]

Wu Yawen,Zhang Yuling,Li Zhihong,Wang Yumei,Zhang Wen,Wang Xiaoliang,Zhang Heping,Zhang Xuejun,Yang Jiabing,Li Lijuan,Zhao Yan.Isolation and Identification of Campylobacter fetus from Tan Sheep[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2016,33(9):85-87.[Abstract][PDF()]

Zhong Zhaobing,Wang Ning,Yang Fuhui.Comparison of Two Detection Methods for Airborne Bacterial Endotoxin in Livestock and Poultry Houses[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2016,33(9):88-92.[Abstract][PDF()]


.[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2016,33(9):93-94,96.[Abstract][PDF()]

.[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2016,33(9):95-95.[Abstract][PDF()]

.[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2016,33(9):96-96.[Abstract][PDF()]

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