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.[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2017,34(2):-.[Abstract][PDF(266)]


Liu Chunguo,Guo Dongchun,Liu Dafei,Cao Weiwei,Wang Jingfei,Wei Xinjie,Qu Liandong.An Outbreak Investigation on Bovine Mannheimiosis in Heilongjiang Province[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2017,34(2):1-4.[Abstract][PDF(285)]

Zhang Miaojie,Li Jingyu,Zuo Xingwen,Zhang Heping,Yang Lin,Wang XiaoLiang.An Outbreak Investigation on Sheep Anthrax in Tongxin County of Ningxia[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2017,34(2):5-8.[Abstract][PDF(315)]

Li Zhao,Cui Baoqiang,Qiang Huiqin.An Investigation on a Death Case of Sheep Suspectedly Caused by Injection of Pseudorabies Vaccine[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2017,34(2):9-10.[Abstract][PDF(349)]

Huang Yezhen.Investigation on an Introduced PPR Outbreak in Jiangxi Province[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2017,34(2):11-14.[Abstract][PDF(265)]

Li Zhonghua,Liu Hualei,Zhang Haiming,Yan Qianlin.Qualitative Risk Assessment on Outbreak of PPR in a County after Canceling Compulsory Vaccination[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2017,34(2):15-20.[Abstract][PDF(331)]

Yan Hao,Zhang Rui,Shen Chaojian,Lin Hanliang,Zhang Jihong.Measurement on Individual Prevalence Rate of Ovine Echinococcosis in Wusu City of Xinjiang[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2017,34(2):21-26.[Abstract][PDF(298)]

Cao Weiwei,Yan Ruoqian,Liu Chunguo,Wei Xinjie,Zhao Shengjie,zhao xueli.An Outbreak Investigation on Chicken Coccidiosis[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2017,34(2):27-29.[Abstract][PDF(281)]

Wang Le,Hao Cuilan,Yue Cheng.Investigation on Infection Status of Parasite in Marketing Fishes in Urumqi City of Xinjiang[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2017,34(2):30-33.[Abstract][PDF(355)]


Xia Xianzhu,Cai Xuepeng,Lin Degui,Ma Jihong,Chi Lijuan.Strategic Research on Prevention and Control for Zoonoses of Pet Origin[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2017,34(2):34-37.[Abstract][PDF(338)]

Kong Qi,Xia Xiayu,Gao Hong,Wei Qiang,Ma Jihong,Chi Lijuan,Qin Chuan.Strategic Research on Prevention and Control for Zoonoses of Laboratory Animal Origin[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2017,34(2):38-41.[Abstract][PDF(232)]

yi li,cheng shipeng,ma shichun,ma jihong,chi lijuan,liu qi,wang jianke,cheng yuening,zhang xu.Strategic Research on Prevention and Control of Zoonoses originated from Special Economic Animals[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2017,34(2):42-45.[Abstract][PDF(299)]

Yang Songtao,Wang Hualei,Ye Junhua,Song Zhenhua,Ding Zhuang,Yu Chun,Cai Xuepeng,Ma Jihong,Chi Lijuan,Xia Xianzhu.Current Situation and Prevention and Control Strategy for Zoonoses of Military and Police Animals in China[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2017,34(2):46-50.[Abstract][PDF(259)]


Ren xiaoling,Wang Qing.Analysis on the Development Tendency of the Inspection and Verification Seal in Slaughtering[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2017,34(2):51-52.[Abstract][PDF(354)]

Chen Shunhua,Wang Jiangmei.Qualitative Analysis on the Seal for Pork Requiring Deep-processing in Meat Quality Inspection of Slaughtered swine[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2017,34(2):53-54.[Abstract][PDF(275)]

Wang Qi,Fu Yi.Thinking on the Inspection and Quarantine towards the Entry of Animals and Animal Products at Post Ports[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2017,34(2):55-57.[Abstract][PDF(291)]

Yu Zhaofeng,Xu Hui,Chen Pengcheng,Niu Jun.Identification and Quarantine towards Rhipicephalus bursa in Intercepted Timbers Imported from Thailand[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2017,34(2):58-60.[Abstract][PDF(322)]


Lin Zhanye,Yang Hao,Xu Shiyong.Reflection on the Basis of an Investigation towards the Policy Requirement of the Market Entities in Veterinary Industry[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2017,34(2):61-63.[Abstract][PDF(361)]

Liu Yang,Zhao Bolin,Zhou Mingzhong,Zhang Dong,Chen Daiping,Xin Shengpeng.Investigation on Pilot Vaccine Subsidy for Compulsory Vaccination against targeted Animal Diseases in Sichuan Province[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2017,34(2):64-66.[Abstract][PDF(305)]


Shi Lan,Yuan Mengwei.Preliminary Practical Exploration on the Reform towards Comprehensive Agricultural Law Enforcement System in Chengdu City of Sichuan Province[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2017,34(2):67-70.[Abstract][PDF(431)]

Gao Fenda.Investigation on a Case of Producing Feed beyond Approval[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2017,34(2):71-73.[Abstract][PDF(321)]

Yuan Yingying,Gao Mingqiong,Gong Yongxiu.Analysis on a Case of Selling and Transporting Animals not Being Quarantined[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2017,34(2):74-75.[Abstract][PDF(316)]

Yang Hongjuan,Li jie,Li lin.Analysis on a Case Involving Animals without Quarantine Certificate[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2017,34(2):76-78.[Abstract][PDF(299)]


Wang Wei.Discussion on Application of Rapid Diagnostic Technique for Live swine Health inspection[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2017,34(2):79-80.[Abstract][PDF(283)]

He Mingfa,Li Hongwei,Ao Yipeng.Discussion on Application of PPD Intradermal Allergy technigue in Cow Tuberculosis Detection[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2017,34(2):81-83.[Abstract][PDF(241)]

Hu Weiping,Li Xuanjun.Research Progress on the pathogenesis of Chicken Proventriculitis[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2017,34(2):84-87.[Abstract][PDF(250)]


Fan Shengping,Qi Shoujun,Li Lianping,Han Xiaojun,Cao Chunhong.Dynamical Changes of Antibodies after Immunization with Brucellosis Vaccine of S2 Strain in Adult Sheep[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2017,34(2):88-90.[Abstract][PDF(369)]

Zhang Lingling,Zhan Xiang,Peng Zhe,Shi Jianli,Wu Xiaoyan,Xu Shengnan,Zheng Shuxuan,Xu Shaojian,Huang Baohua,Li Jun.Preparation and Identification of Monoclonal Antibodies against Clenbuterol[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2017,34(2):91-95.[Abstract][PDF(251)]

Wang Guisheng,Yin Feifei,Tian Fulin,Wang Jinbao.Establishment of Triple Fluorescent Quantitative PCR for Escherichia coli,Klebsiella pneumoniae and Acinetobacter in Minks[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2017,34(2):96-100.[Abstract][PDF(252)]

Yu Li,Wang Jinjin,Lu Yiliang,Zheng Xiaocong,Jia Peng,He Junqiang,Shi Xiujie,Liu Ying,Liu Hong.Selection and Analysis on Aptamers against Spring Viremia of Carp Virus[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2017,34(2):101-105.[Abstract][PDF(798)]