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.[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2018,35(1):-.[Abstract][PDF()]


Xu Xiaoyan,Xu Zhengjun,Wang Xiangzi,Kai Yan,Chen Changhai.Sero Epidemiological Investigation of Porcine Pseudorabies in Jiangsu Province in 2016[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2018,35(1):7-10.[Abstract][PDF(303)]

Gai Wenyan,Wang Junwei,Wang Juan,Huang Xiumei,Qu Zhina,Hong Jun.Swine Trichinosis Detection in Slaughterhouses in Some Areas of Shandong Province[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2018,35(1):11-12.[Abstract][PDF(280)]

Xu Quangang,Li Jinhua,Liu Yijiang,Liu Ping,Zeng Heng,Gao Lu,Wei Meiyi,Sun Xiangdong.Ontology Construction of Animal Disease Information Analysis System[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2018,35(1):13-16.[Abstract][PDF(340)]


Wu Xingxing,Cai Kuojun.Contamination Status and Resistance Analysis of Staphylococcus aureus in Fresh Milk in Urumqi City of Xinjiang[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2018,35(1):17-20.[Abstract][PDF(208)]

Yu Xiaochuan,Zhou Lingzhi,Liu Hongming,Yang Shiquan.Discussion on Bio-safety Disposal Methods for Diseased and Dead Livestock and Poultry[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2018,35(1):21-23.[Abstract][PDF(389)]


Ji Hongwu,Xie Lei,Xiao Jun,Wang Yundan,Jiao Zhenming,Yu Zongzhen.Investigation on Supervision and Management for Disease Prevention in Large-scale Horse Farms of Beijing City[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2018,35(1):24-27.[Abstract][PDF(188)]

Yang Jun,Sun Ting,Fang Junqing.SWOT Analysis on Management of Retired Detector Dogs[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2018,35(1):28-31.[Abstract][PDF(166)]

Zhang Hongfei,Zhou Guangsheng,Xia Luming,Zhang Min,Chen Liang.Application of Electronic Chips in Pet Dogs[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2018,35(1):32-34.[Abstract][PDF(230)]

Wang Gang,Yu Shigang,Liao Juan,Fu Qinchao.Application of Scenario Simulation Teaching Method in Animal Quarantine Course[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2018,35(1):35-36.[Abstract][PDF(217)]


Yin Hongbin,Liu Yalin,Ou Chahai,Li Bo,Zhou Jianguo.Regional Management for Transboundary Animal Diseases Prevention of Yunnan Province[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2018,35(1):37-40.[Abstract][PDF(394)]

Zhang Songshan,Liu Lihua,Sun Baozhong,Xie Peng.Discussion on Technical System Construction of the Water-injected Meat Supervision[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2018,35(1):41-42.[Abstract][PDF(329)]

Wang Xiaohui,Gao Yongshi,Guo Qiang,Yu Ting.Implementation of the Compulsory Vaccination Policy of“Vaccination First,Subsidy Latter”in Fuyang City of Anhui Province[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2018,35(1):43-45.[Abstract][PDF(290)]

Liu Qian,Mu Chan,Wan Sijing.Investigation on Administration of Livestock and Poultry Slaughtering in Qingdao City of Shandong Province[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2018,35(1):46-49.[Abstract][PDF(231)]


Cao Lingzhi.Discussion on Law Enforcement Standardization according to an Animal Health Supervision Case[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2018,35(1):50-52.[Abstract][PDF(428)]

Shao Weichuan,Ye Shaoda,Peng Shuluan,Wang Shuangsuo.Reflections on a Case of Selling Animal Feed without Passing the Inspection[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2018,35(1):53-54.[Abstract][PDF(209)]


Li Peng,Liu Zhiwei,Wang Dong,Sun Xiaodong,Jia Zhining,Liu Qian,Zheng Zengren.Development Status of Animal Disease Risk Assessment Technology Based on Domestic Cases Studies[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2018,35(1):55-60.[Abstract][PDF(204)]

Zhuang Jinqiu,Mei Jianguo,Zhang Ying,Yang Limei,Li Feng.Research Progress on the Pathogenic Characteristics and Detection Techniques of the Porcine Delta Coronavirus[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2018,35(1):61-64.[Abstract][PDF(249)]

Zhuang Jinqiu,Mei Jianguo,Zhang Ying,Wang Yan,Li Feng.Application of ELISA Methods in Detection of Antigen and Antibody of Classical Swine Feverr[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2018,35(1):65-69.[Abstract][PDF(212)]

Zhuang Jinqiu,Mei Jianguo,Wang Yumao,Yang Limei,Shen Zhiqiang.Research Progress on Detection Methods of Mink Pseudomonas aeruginosa[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2018,35(1):70-72.[Abstract][PDF(174)]


Zhao Jianmei,Li Yuehua,Song Chuanzhou,Zhao Ge,Qu Zhina.Establishment and Application of PCR Assay for Serotype Identification of Salmonella[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2018,35(1):73-77.[Abstract][PDF(232)]

Zhang Hui,Yang Xubing,Dong Yaqin,Liu Shuang,Wu Faxing,Li Xiaocheng.Identification and Antimicrobial Susceptibility Test on Isolates of Streptococcus in a Swine Farm[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2018,35(1):78-80.[Abstract][PDF(261)]

Zhang Zhi,Hao Zhanwu,Yang Xubing,Zhang Meijing,Wu Faxing,Li Xiaocheng.Establishment and Application of Half Nested-PCR for Porcine Circovirus 3[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2018,35(1):81-84.[Abstract][PDF(406)]

Wang Kaicheng,Wang Suchun,Zhuang Qingye,Qiu Yuan,Hou Guangyu.Genome Analysis of the Pigeon Rotavirus Group G Isolated in China[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2018,35(1):85-90.[Abstract][PDF(173)]

Lin Kang,Liu Guoqing,Li Lian,Liu Hongcheng,Liu Hui,Wen Jianxin.Effects of Beagle's Bacillus on Weight,Tissues and Organs in Mice[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2018,35(1):91-94.[Abstract][PDF(162)]

Yuan Xiangfen,Shi Suting,Lü Jizhou,Wu Shaoqiang.Establishment of LAMP for Detection of Red Sea Bream Iridovirus[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2018,35(1):95-99.[Abstract][PDF(192)]

Wang Qun,Jiang Fan,Yue Zhiqin,Sun Tao,Zheng Xiaolong,Zhang Xiaowen,Fang Baohai.Construction and Valuation of Virus-like Particles Containing N Gene of Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia of Salmonids Virus[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2018,35(1):100-103.[Abstract][PDF(237)]

Chen Hui,Xiao Ying,Fang Chengjun,Zhang Dongbin,Yu Xiaowei.Diagnose on an Outbreak of Viral Nervous Necrosi of Grouper Fry[J].CHINA ANIMAL HEALTH INSPECTION,2018,35(1):104-106.[Abstract][PDF(198)]