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  • 1  我国首例小反刍兽疫诊断报告
    王志亮 包静月 吴晓东 刘雨田 李林 刘佩兰 赵永刚 刘春菊 肖肖
    2007, 24(8):24-26.
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    The first outbreak of peste des petits ruminants in ovine in Tibet was confirmed by multiple laboratory tests including one step real-time RT-PCR, conventional RT-PCR, competitive ELISA and virus isolation. The presence of PPRV was detected in 11 out of 13 field samples by one step real-time RT-PCR, among which 8 were further detected by conventional RT-PCR. Sequence analysis showed that the virus fell into the lineage 4 which was epidemic in Middle East and certain western Asian countries. One strain of PPRV was isolated in Vero cell lines from field samples and confirmed by RT-PCR test.
    2  鸡腺胃型传染性支气管炎研究初报
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    3  我国流行的鸡致病性大肠杆菌血清型
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    4  鸭副粘病毒强毒株的分离和鉴定
    张训海 朱鸿飞 陈溥言 韩北芳 王璇 赵家龙 朱志海 孙素强
    2001, 18(10):24-26.
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    A new viral disease of duck was reported. the strain virus was isolated from infected duck's livers, spleens and pancreas in Fengyang Anhui Province using chicken embryos. The virus could agglutinate the chicken erythrocytes. The hemaagglutination of virus could be inhibited by the convalescent antiserum, the Newcastle disease virus(NDV) F48E9 strain antiserum, the antiserum of goose paramyxovirus type-I isolated by our laboratory respectivcly. But it could' t be inhibited by avian influenza virus(AIV) positive anti- serum. The HA titer ranged between 2~8 and 2~9. Artificial infection could cause up to 100% morbidity and 50% - 100% mortality in 10-day--old ducks, with almost the same clinical symptoms and pathological changes. The 30 - day - old chickens can also be infected with 100% morbidity and 100% mortality. The inactivated vaccine made from the isolated virus and the egg yolk antibodies from its hyperimmunized layers could give very good protection against the natural infection of ducks. The biological characteristics of the virus was determined by measuring the mean death time of chicken embryos(MDT), the intracerebral pathogenicity index in day - old chicks (ICPI) and the intravenous pathogenicity index in 6-week - old chickens(IVPI). The MDT.ICPI and IVPI were 48.9h. 1.8O and 2.45 respectively. The results indicated that the isolate was of high virulence like velogenic Newcastle disease virus(NDV) and named duck paramyxovirus WF00D strain.
    5  "猪高热病"的流行病学调查与主要病因分析
    徐辉 李晓成 陈伟杰 赵灵燕 洪建伟 周彩琴 吴发兴 顾小根 吴赟竑 倪柏锋
    2007, 24(6):19-21.
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    6  牙鲆鱼淋巴囊肿病初报
    曲径 江育林,沈海平,王浩,刘荭,连建华,潘雁甲,郑雪莲
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    Lymphocystis disease of Paralichtys olivaceus is an infectious disease of fish caused by lymphocystis virus (LCV) of Iridoviridae.The lymphocystis virus has a wide range of hosts causing serious losses. Outbreaks of the disease occurred in six fish farms. There were distinct cysts on the surface of the infected fish body. The size of the biggest cyst was about 500um in diameter. It was the first report ot the disease in China, and the disease was suspected to be introduced by importation of fishes from other country.The integrated conrtol measures were recommended to control the epidemic and prevent it from spreading and wipe it out as soon as possible.
    7  抗禽流感病毒H5亚型血凝素特异性单克隆抗体的研制
    邵红霞 秦爱建 钱琨 刘岳龙 金文杰
    2002, 19(8):21-23.
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    8  海产品中副溶血弧菌的分离与鉴定
    马光刚 郭福生 王娟 王玉东 张衍海
    2002, 19(9):25-28.
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    Vibrio parahaemolyticus is a pathogenic halophile, present widely in bays, coastal areas, salt lakes and sea products, especially in warm regions, offten causing food poisoning of human. Tests of four species of sea products revealed high incidence of the organism, and detection rate was highest in sea shrimps, upto 90%,70% in sea fishes, 60% in molluscs, and 40% in sea crabs. Animal experiment showed that V. parahaemolyticus isolated was of ratetively high pathogenicity.
    9  伪狂犬病流行概况及猪场防制策略
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    10  应用三重聚合酶链反应同时检测NDV、IBV、MG的研究
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    11  斑点免疫金渗滤法检测猪瘟抗体的研究
    孔繁德 黄印尧 赖清金 洪于准 陆承平
    2003, 20(11):27-29.
    [摘要](2265) [HTML](0) [PDF 0.00 Byte](82) [Cited by](14)
    To establish a more rapid and simple method of detecting antibody of SFV, a dot immunogold filtration assay (DIGFA) was developed by coating the antigen of CSFV on nitrocellulose (NC) membrane, and labeling staphylococcal protein A (SPA) with colloidal gold.The color of the positive dots were so bright that the results could be easily determined.The whole procedure could be finished in 5 min.The method had a better specificity without cross - reaction with positive sera to PKRSV, PRV, PPV, NDV and AFV.Its coincidence with Dot - EUSA,indirect haemagglutination test(IH) were 98.4% and 98.9% respectively.DIGFA,more simple and rapid,was applicable to small diagnostic laboratories.lt could be applied for more early diagnosis ^ epidemiological investigation and the detection of antibody level in vaccinated herds.
    12  动物源性食品中沙门氏菌的风险评估
    王军 郑增忍 王晶钰
    2007, 24(4):23-25.
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    13  嗜水气单胞菌检验程序的研究
    凌红丽 陆承平 陈怀青,马向东
    [摘要](2161) [HTML](0) [PDF 0.00 Byte](91) [Cited by](13)
    14  山东猪流感病毒H9N2亚型毒株的分离鉴定
    范伟兴 许传田 赵宏坤 徐龙涛 孙中诚 禚宝山
    2003, 20(8):36-37.
    [摘要](2097) [HTML](0) [PDF 0.00 Byte](81) [Cited by](13)
    15  β—兴奋剂正副作用及检测方法
    2001, 18(6):43-44.
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    16  我国牛传染性鼻气管炎血清抗体普查报告
    封启民 杨冰清 李昌琳 仰惠芬 张瑞珍 李葳 李金花
    [摘要](2311) [HTML](0) [PDF 0.00 Byte](94) [Cited by](12)
    17  用PCR技术检测动物产品中沙门氏菌的研究
    [摘要](2224) [HTML](0) [PDF 0.00 Byte](87) [Cited by](12)
    18  动物性食品中兽药残留问题及对策
    张远 刘璞
    2005, 22(6):17-19.
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    19  几种布鲁氏菌病血清学诊断方法的比较研究
    范伟兴 钟旗 何倩倪 吴冬玲 蔡一飞 赵智香
    2006, 23(6):31-33.
    [摘要](2281) [HTML](0) [PDF 0.00 Byte](66) [Cited by](12)
    430 serum samples from cattle and sheep were detected by Bengal test(RBT) with antigens from four manufactures in China, resulting in no identical results. The iELISA and cELISA kits for brucellosis from Canadian Brucellosis Reference Lab were used to evaluate the serological methods of RBT and standard tube agglutination(SAT)commonly used in diagnosing brucellosis in China. The RBT, SAT, iELISA and cELISA in detecting the infected cattle, almost obtained the same results (consistency rate was 85%), but SAT and RBT had higher false positive rate (about 15%) and false negative rate (about 10%). The data suggested that RBT screening test could be used in the field, and the positive results should be further confirmed by cELISA.
    20  猪附红细胞体病研究进展
    王君玮 王志亮 张喜悦 徐培莲
    2003, 20(7):44-46.
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